Flagstaff Flower Field Engagement Session

ahh man. this was the best day ever. Keegan and Brecklyn have been my friends since high school, but they have known each other since elementary school- and here they are getting married! their love story is pretty adorable and i’m obsessed with them and these photos.

we met up at 6 am to drive up to Flagstaff. somehow, we hit the jackpot of photography luck- because not only was it super overcast, but there was a whole field of yellow flowers blooming and it was BEAUTIFUL. as we were pulled over on the side of the road shooting, a cop drove past and honked his weird little siren horn but just kept driving.. so of course i was paranoid the rest of the shoot that he was going to turn around and come back for us haha!

after we finished shooting, we were on our way home and saw a big sign that said “homemade pies” and kinda shrugged it off. after a few seconds, we all started to kinda hint that we actually really wanted to go try this pie, so we immediately turned around and enjoyed breakfast and slices of the most amazing pie before heading home. (Keegan had to dump an entire sugar packet on his pie before he could properly enjoy it bahahaha).