Sunset Cliffs First Look

wellll if you scroll down to my last blog entry, you’ll see these two gleaming faces again. clearly i really like hallie and marlin since i’m blogging their bridals right after blogging their engagements. but it helps that their photos are literally some of my favorite bridals i’ve ever done. i want to go back and do MY bridals the way we did theirs. im obsessed.

we got to sunset cliffs, started a playlist of adorable love songs on a speaker in my backpack, and went for it, and this is the magic that happened.

White Sands New Mexico Engagement Session

Anyone who has been following me for a while knows how much I love white sands, NM. I’ve now been there three times and am heading back in a few weeks for another engagement session! This was the first time I had ever seen White Sands be overcast. It was… eerie, but beautiful. These two are so funny and goofy and their love for each other made for such fun pictures. We even picked up a green smoke bomb from a little Western store on the side of the road and lit it at the end of the shoot. I can’t wait for their bridals in an even prettier location next month insert heart eyes emoji here

Flagstaff Flower Field Engagement Session

ahh man. this was the best day ever. Keegan and Brecklyn have been my friends since high school, but they have known each other since elementary school- and here they are getting married! their love story is pretty adorable and i’m obsessed with them and these photos.

we met up at 6 am to drive up to Flagstaff. somehow, we hit the jackpot of photography luck- because not only was it super overcast, but there was a whole field of yellow flowers blooming and it was BEAUTIFUL. as we were pulled over on the side of the road shooting, a cop drove past and honked his weird little siren horn but just kept driving.. so of course i was paranoid the rest of the shoot that he was going to turn around and come back for us haha!

after we finished shooting, we were on our way home and saw a big sign that said “homemade pies” and kinda shrugged it off. after a few seconds, we all started to kinda hint that we actually really wanted to go try this pie, so we immediately turned around and enjoyed breakfast and slices of the most amazing pie before heading home. (Keegan had to dump an entire sugar packet on his pie before he could properly enjoy it bahahaha).

San Diego Beach Couples Session

Sydney and Matt- it’s been like 8 months and I’m still not over this shoot. Sydney came up with the idea to bring the cute little Coke bottles and they may just be my favorite part of the shoot. (If you’re Coca-cola and you’re reading this, we’d love a sponsorship lol.) It was sooo overcast this whole day which made me so sad as I was kinda excited to shoot on the sunny beach, but the photos turned out way better than I could have ever imagined, so I guess i can’t complain.

Arizona Desert Palm Trees Mini Couples Session

Maddie and I have been friends for a few years. I have seen her go through some incredibly difficult things and come out on the other side much stronger for it. I came about a second away from crying while editing these precious photos of her and Weston because he makes her SO happy and my heart bursts that she has found him. You can just see it- in every photo she is laughing and practically beaming, and so is he. Ugh. i LOVE LOVE!!

This shoot was at 7 o’ clock in the morning in a little grove of palm trees. It was FREEEEEzing and I may or may not have forgotten to use my inhaler before we left so I was a little out of breath the whole time- but somehow the photos are still some of my favorites.

Glamis Sand Dunes Bridal Session

I can’t rave about Earl and Kelsee enough. These two are the smiliest and funniest kids in love that you’ll ever meet. We made a 4 hour road trip and a half hour razor ride out to this spot and had an absolute blast frolicking around in the sand taking beautiful photos for their upcoming wedding. I think their first look was my favorite part. Or maybe Earl rolling down a 100 ft dune at the end of the shoot, while Kelsee stood at the top yelling at him not to rip his pants.

Ugh I love these two!

Saguaro Lake Mini Couples Session

Jacob and Makenzie are the sweetest. They were so touchy and lovey, which is obviously every photographer’s DREAM! We were only at saguaro lake for a half hour, but these two were so great that I took over 600 photos just in that small amount of time! Incredible!

i feel like you can literally see and feel how much they love each other just from the expressions on their faces. The admiration in Makenzie’s eyes, how tightly Jacob holds her. Here’s a few shots of their love.

White Sands National Monument couples session

YOU GUYS. this session is my all time favorite and probably always will be. I had been planning a trip to white sands all summer and somehow convinced Taylor and Caleb to drive 6.5 hours to meet me there. we got there with about an hour till sun down, shot for a bit, and then we all just laid down on the sand and marveled at the sunset. I felt like I was on the moon. The sky lit up with different colors, and the white sand reflected it all. we were all in so much awe we barely spoke.

Then we headed into Las Cruces, NM to our airbnb (which was a shipping container turned living space and THE coolest airbnb I’ve ever seen). We dropped our stuff off, enjoyed some buffalo wild wings, and then crashed. I loved this experience and these two and will treasure these photos forever!

Mexico Desert + Beach Couples Session

these two!! I can't rave about them enough. They drove down to meet me in Rocky Point so I could fulfill my lifelong dream of shooting in the unique Mexican desert and in the ocean. We were chatting and laughing the entire time. (especially about the fact that I had somehow left my blank memory card in my backpack and showed up with a memory card nearly full of pictures of a senior shoot.)